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  • , a leading technology and business solution provider, helps its clients discover and harness the competitive advantages that are possible in an increasingly digital, networked world.
  • is a leading technology and business management organization. Established in 2012, the company specializes in radically simplifying technology deployment and access to technology solutions. Combined with skill and knowledge has positioned itself as a leader in quality, cost effective IT and data processing solutions. operates national area networks and local area networks that provide hosted applications and IT services for corporations and service providers. Its founders have deep expertise in corporate information technology and within the Telecommunications, Leisure and Travel, CPG and Distribution industries.
  • is about thinking ahead of the curve and continuously reviewing and reinventing. We assist our clients in building their IT capability, by aligning it to the overall business strategy and then executing it.
  • Innovative knowledge is a vital quality for any organization to become and stay successful. Here at we strive on being a forerunner in Information Technology. With threats to information systems coming from all sides, offers their clients their assurance in security by making use of world renowned Internet Security companies such as Symantec, Cisco, NetIQ and Computer Associates