Doctor's Image Details with Designation

Dr. Kazi Lutfar Rahman
Senior Lecturer, CMUD

Dr. Kazi Lutfar Rahman is working as a Senior lecturer. He is an Expert sonographer in various sectors of Ultrasound Physics, Physiology and Pathology both teaching, research, and diagnosis sector. He is in expert in Basic sonographic physics, abdomen and pregnancy profile. Moreover, he is an expert researcher and regulates the dissertation and research activities of research students of medical ultrasound. Research Gate id link :

Dr. Rubina Sultana
Diploma in Medical Ultrasound(DMU)
Executive MBA(SUB), PGDHRM(BIMS),Dhaka
Specially Trained in TVS & Breast Ultrasound
Core Faculty of CMUD

Dr. Rubina Sultana is a highly accomplished medical professional with an extensive educational background and specialized training in various medical and management disciplines. She completed her MBBS from Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), establishing a strong foundation in medicine.

To further enhance her medical expertise, Dr. Rubina Sultana pursued a Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (DMU), demonstrating her proficiency in utilizing ultrasound technology for accurate diagnostic assessments.

Beyond her medical qualifications, Dr. Rubina Sultana's pursuit of knowledge led her to expand into the field of management. She earned an Executive MBA from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUB) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) from Bangladesh Institute of Management Studies (BIMS) in Dhaka. This combination of medical and management knowledge equips her with a unique skill set to excel both in medical practice and healthcare administration.

Furthermore, she underwent specialized training in Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS) and Breast Ultrasound, likely enabling her to provide advanced diagnostic services in gynecology and breast health.

Dr. Rubina Sultana's expertise and knowledge have earned her a place as a Core Faculty member at CMUD. Her position as a Core Faculty member indicates her active involvement in teaching and mentoring medical students, contributing to the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Overall, Dr. Rubina Sultana's diverse educational background and specialized training in medical ultrasound and management, along with her experience in teaching, make her a valuable asset to the medical community. Her dedication to continuous learning and proficiency in various medical and administrative fields undoubtedly contribute to her effectiveness as a medical practitioner and educator.

Dr. Maliha Nawar 
Dr. Nasrin Fatema Lima
Diploma in Medical Ultrasound
Trained in-
Trans-Vaginal Sonography(TVS)
Saline Infusion Sonography(SIS)
Small Parts(Breast,Thyroid,Scrotum)Ultrasound
Color Doppler & Vascular Duplex and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
Dr. Mousumi Kamal
PGT (Radiology & Imaging)
Advance Training on TVS, Breast & Congenital Anomaly
Consultant Sonologist
Special training in Color Doppler
Dr. Md. Nazmul Haque
MBBS(DU), MCPS(Medicine), D.CARD (Cardiology)
MACP(USA), CDMU(Duplex Study)
Fellowship Training in Echocardiography (BSE & JROP, India)
Medicine Specialist & Cardiologist
BNS Haji Mohsin, Bangladesh Navy
Dr. Nazia Modobon Heeme
PGT in Radiology and Imaging (DMCH)
Sonology Consultant and Lecturer at CMUD
Dr. Farhana Laila Lima
MBBS, BCS(Health)
Medical Officer(OSD)
Dr. Mushfiqa Islam
MACP(USA), CDMU(Duplex Study)
RCOG Associate(UK)
Dr. Tahmima Islam
Consultant Sonologist, CMUD

Dr. Subah Tasnim Alam Rahman
Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound(PGDMU-CGPA.3.98)

Lecturer, CMUD

Prof. Dr. Farida Easmin Shelley, PhD
Professor(Medical Science)
Area of Specialization: Public Health
Lecturer, CMUD

Prof. Dr. Farida Easmin Shelley is an esteemed academic in the field of Medical Science with a focus on Public Health. Holding a PhD in her area of expertise, she has achieved the title of Associate Professor. Her dedication to education and research has led her to assume the role of a Lecturer at CMUD.

As an Associate Professor, Prof. Dr. Farida Easmin Shelley contributes significantly to the advancement of knowledge in Public Health. Her specialized area of expertise allows her to delve into critical issues related to public health policies, disease prevention, and healthcare management. Through her research, she likely addresses pressing public health challenges, working towards creating a healthier and more sustainable society.

Apart from her academic contributions, Prof. Dr. Farida Easmin Shelley is likely engaged in mentoring students, guiding them in their academic pursuits, and fostering a passion for public health. Her expertise and experience in the field make her a valuable asset to the educational institution she serves.

Overall, Prof. Dr. Farida Easmin Shelley's role as an Associate Professor (Medical Science) with a specialization in Public Health and her position as a Lecturer at CMUD exemplify her commitment to education, research, and making a positive impact on public health issues.

Dr. Fatema Begum Shimu
Associate Professor (Physiology)
Shahabuddin Medical Collage
Core Faculty of
Center for Medical Ultrasound & Doppler (CMUD) (Pvt.) Limited

Dr. Fatema Begum Shimu is an esteemed medical professional and holds the position of Associate Professor in Physiology at Shahabuddin Medical College. Her vast knowledge and expertise in the field have made her an invaluable asset to the medical community.

Beyond her academic role, Dr. Shimu is also a core faculty member at the renowned Center for Medical Ultrasound & Doppler (CMUD) (Pvt.) Limited. This position signifies her specialization in medical ultrasound and Doppler techniques, where she imparts her expertise to aspiring medical professionals and practitioners.

With her deep understanding of human physiology and her proficiency in medical ultrasound, Dr. Fatema Begum Shimu plays a crucial role in advancing medical education and diagnostic practices. Her contributions to both academia and the field of medical imaging have garnered her respect and admiration from peers and students alike.

As an Associate Professor and a core faculty member at CMUD, she combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications, enabling students and trainees to master ultrasound and Doppler technology for accurate and effective patient care.

Dr. Shimu's dedication to her profession and her commitment to advancing medical knowledge make her an inspiring figure in the medical community. Her contributions to the field of medical ultrasound and her role as an educator continue to shape the future of medical diagnostics and patient management.

Dr. Farzana Kabir
Consultant Child Division
Dhaka Medical College Hospital

Dr. Farzana Kabir is a highly qualified and accomplished medical professional with a specialization in Child Health. She holds an MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College Hospital, where she received her medical education and training. With a keen interest in the field of Child Health, she pursued further studies and obtained both FCPS (Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons) and MCPS (Member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons) in Child Health.

As a Consultant in the Child Division, Dr. Farzana Kabir has garnered extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of pediatric health conditions. Her dedication and commitment to the well-being of children have earned her a reputable name in the medical community.

Dr. Kabir's academic journey showcases her diligence and determination. Completing her SSC (Secondary School Certificate) in 1997 and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) in 1999, she demonstrated her passion for learning from a young age, laying the foundation for her successful medical career.

With her impressive educational background and clinical experience, Dr. Farzana Kabir continues to contribute significantly to the field of Child Health. She remains focused on providing the best possible care and treatment to her young patients, ensuring their health and happiness. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and compassion for children have earned her the trust and admiration of both patients and colleagues alike.

Dr. A.H.M Shahidul Islam
Associate Professor(Ex.)
INMU, BSMMU(PG Hospital)
Specialized in Thyroid Medicine
Lecturer, CMUD

Dr. Fatema Farhana 
Trained in Color Doppler& Vascular scan, TVS & Fetal Anomaly scan.  
Working as Consultant Sonologist FPAB clinic,  Jamalpur Sadar &
MA RASHID Hospital @United Group.  Jamalpur.
MBBS from Faridpur Medical College. 

Dr. Fatema Farhana is a skilled and experienced medical professional specializing in Sonology. With an MBBS degree from Faridpur Medical College, she laid the foundation for her successful medical career. Dr. Farhana's passion for the field of Sonology led her to pursue further training and education, obtaining DMU (Diploma in Medical Ultrasound) and CCD (Certificate Course on Diabetes) from BIRDEM.

Her dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in her field is evident from her additional training in Color Doppler & Vascular scan, Transvaginal Sonography (TVS), and Fetal Anomaly scan. This comprehensive expertise allows her to perform detailed and accurate diagnostic examinations.

Currently, Dr. Fatema Farhana serves as a Consultant Sonologist at FPAB Clinic in Jamalpur Sadar and MA RASHID Hospital under the United Group in Jamalpur. Her presence in multiple healthcare facilities indicates her reputation as a trusted and sought-after professional in her field.

With a remarkable career spanning 7-8 years as a Sonologist at various hospitals, she has honed her skills in accurately interpreting ultrasound scans and providing valuable insights for patient care. Dr. Farhana's proficiency in the field and her compassionate approach to patient interaction have earned her the trust and respect of both patients and fellow healthcare professionals.

Her academic journey demonstrates her consistent academic excellence, with her SSC (Secondary School Certificate) completed in 2005 and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) in 2007.

Dr. Fatema Farhana's commitment to her profession, paired with her vast experience and qualifications, solidifies her position as a reliable and proficient Sonologist, contributing significantly to the medical community's pursuit of excellence in diagnostic imaging and patient care.

MBBS,BCS( Health)
FCPS( Medicine)( Final Part)
MD ( Cardiology) ( Course), BSMMU
CCD ( Diabetes) ( BIRDEM)
DOC ( Dermatology)
CMU, DMU(Ultrasonography) (CMUD)
MBBS from Shaheed Zia Ur Rahman Medical College, Bogra

Dr. Subrata Bhowmik is a highly qualified and accomplished medical professional with a diverse range of expertise. He completed his MBBS from Shaheed Zia Ur Rahman Medical College, Bogra. His pursuit of knowledge and specialization continued with FCPS (Medicine) (Final Part) and MD (Cardiology) (Course) from BSMMU (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University).

In addition to his cardiology specialization, Dr. Subrata Bhowmik also holds certifications in CCD (Diabetes) from BIRDEM (Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders) and DOC (Dermatology). This demonstrates his dedication to gaining comprehensive expertise across different medical fields.

Dr. Bhowmik's commitment to excellence led him to pursue further qualifications in Ultrasonography (CMU, DMU) from CMUD. With five years of experience practicing Ultrasonography in various diagnostic clinics, he has honed his skills in this critical diagnostic modality.

His academic achievements have been commendable, as evidenced by his outstanding academic performance during his SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exams in 2007 and 2009, respectively.

Dr. Subrata Bhowmik's impressive educational background and years of experience in Ultrasonography indicate his dedication to providing high-quality healthcare services and accurate diagnostic evaluations. His multidisciplinary expertise allows him to cater to a wide range of medical needs, making him a valuable asset to the medical community and the patients he serves.

Diploma in Medical Ultrasound(CMUD)
Trained in Nuclear Medicine & Ultrasound 
(NINMAS, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Campus)

Dr. Md. Saimon is a skilled medical professional with a diverse educational background and specialized training in various medical disciplines. He holds an MBBS degree from the University of Dhaka, indicating his foundational knowledge in medicine. Additionally, he pursued a Master's in Public Health (MPH) from North South University, reflecting his interest in public health and community medicine.

Furthermore, Dr. Md. Saimon obtained a Diploma in Medical Ultrasound from CMUD, signifying his proficiency in this essential diagnostic imaging technique. This qualification equips him to perform ultrasound examinations and interpret the results accurately, aiding in the diagnosis and management of various medical conditions.

To expand his expertise, Dr. Md. Saimon underwent specialized training in Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound at NINMAS (National Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences), Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Campus. This training likely enabled him to gain valuable insights into the field of nuclear medicine and advanced ultrasound techniques, enhancing his ability to provide comprehensive medical care.

With this diverse educational background and additional training, Dr. Md. Saimon possesses a well-rounded skill set, enabling him to cater to the healthcare needs of a broad spectrum of patients. His combination of clinical knowledge, public health awareness, and proficiency in medical ultrasound and nuclear medicine makes him a valuable healthcare professional, contributing significantly to the medical community and the well-being of his patients.

Dr. Rakhee Rani Sarkar 
MBBS from Gono Shasthya Samaj Vittik Medical College 
Faculty of CMUD

Dr. Rakhee Rani Sarkar is a dedicated medical professional with a strong educational background. She obtained her MBBS degree from Gono Shasthya Samaj Vittik Medical College, demonstrating her commitment to pursuing a career in medicine.

As a member of the faculty at CMUD, Dr. Rakhee Rani Sarkar likely plays a crucial role in imparting knowledge and guiding aspiring medical students. Her position as a faculty member indicates her expertise and competence in her field, making her an influential figure in shaping the future of healthcare professionals.

In addition to her academic achievements, Dr. Sarkar's outstanding performance in her academic endeavors is evident from her excellent results in both her SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) examinations in 2009 and 2011, respectively. These achievements highlight her dedication to her studies and her ability to excel academically.

Dr. Rakhee Rani Sarkar's educational background, coupled with her role as a faculty member at CMUD, showcases her passion for medicine and her commitment to contributing to the medical field through teaching and mentoring. With her knowledge and experience, she is likely to inspire and nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals, playing a vital role in the advancement of medical education and patient care.